The department has been establishment in accordance to 46th, 47th items of 2880 and Higher Education’s 2547 law with the following aims;
To protect physical and mental health of college students,
To provide treatment to students who are sick, shelter, food, work, and leisure time activities to students,
To improve health and social status, students’ talents and personality in a better way,
To ensure a working environment which allows students work in regular and disciplined way and to make students gain rest and recreation habits.
For this reason, Health and Culture Department is a training and research center which provides health care for all the academic and administrative staff of our university, supplies students’ social, cultural, guidance and sportive needs. Additionally, the department supports education and training.
Our department carries out its work with an approach that solves problems and value your work and suggestions. We wish success to all our students in social, cultural and sportive fields.
Our mission is to protect physical and psychological health of our students and personnel. Additionally, we aims to support education and training with modern, adequate and quality sheltering, health care, sports activities and psychological support with the purpose of raising healthy individuals who are socially beneficial.
Our aim is to be a third generation, quality and pioneer department which is equipped with knowledge and technology, using available sources efficiently , continuously improves with better service for our students and all personnel’ goods.